Platform & Raised Deck Builder Aurora

If you own a house that is on grade or close to being on grade then platform or raised decks are your options.  We are a deck builder located in Aurora Ontario who can build a deck to suit your house and personal needs.

These two types of decks are built with the purpose of extending your living space. If you get a platform/raised deck built for your house you have created more usable space.

If adding more usable space to your yard is something you are interested in we can give you a free quote and consultation! Fill out our online form with your personal details or give us a call.


    Difference Between a Platform and Raised Deck

    Platform Deck:

    A platform deck also known as a ground level deck is a structure where it is “floating” off the ground. These decks are freestanding which means that they are not attached/secured to any other structure. These decks are not as complicated to set up because they do not require foundation posts to be installed. Typically you can either build the deck and have it lay directly on the ground (not recommended), on a gravel base, or be supported by concrete blocks.

    Raised Deck:

    Raised decks are designed for houses that are built a couple feet or more above grade. Building one of these decks will be secured to the house and also have foundations and posts. Another feature of this type of deck is that they have railings for safety and a small set of stairs. Given the height of the deck, the foundation posts and under section of the deck can be concealed with lattice or wood panelling.