Wrought Iron & Aluminum Fence Builder Aurora

Hometown Decks & Fences is capable of building wrought iron or aluminum fences in Aurora Ontario. We have built many of these fences for both residential and commercial customers.

Wrought Iron & aluminum fences are amazing for “separating” areas while adding a higher level of design. In certain instances they are used on properties simply for aesthetics. 

If you are considering getting a wrought iron or aluminum fence even though they look very similar they both have different attributes. 

Reach out to us for a free consultation if you are debating getting one of these fences installed.


    What is a Wrought Iron Fence

    Wrought Iron fences are fences that are made out of a low carbon iron alloy. The iron used is very strong but is also malleable so the metal can be bent and shaped to a desired design with the proper tools. However, wrought iron fencing is expensive because of the cost to produce it and the fact that it is no longer produced in bulk. 

    Benefits of Wrought Iron:

    What is an Aluminum Fence

    Aluminum fencing has a very similar look to wrought iron fencing except that the material is obviously has a different composition. Aluminum is much lighter in terms of weight and much less expensive then wrought iron given the materials availability.  

    Benefits of Aluminum Fences: